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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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city hall, again open to the public. and we aim to present to the board of supervisors and have it signed by middle of the year. please come and let your voices be heard. and thank you again for all of your comments tonight. thank you. >> and now we will hear from supervisor cohen and supervisor avalos and mayor lee. >> all right, i know there are some people in the audience that still want an opportunity to speak. i want to let you know, i will speak on behalf for you mr. avalos. but it's an opportunity that we welcome everyone that wants to meet with us, can come and talk to us about the budget. i want to appreciate everyone that came out. everyone that came out, it's important to be a part of this
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conversation. that's about it. there you go. >> thank you for being here, i will stay longer, we have to get home kids have homework. but i will stay longer. our process as a city needs to reflect the great needs we have here in district 10 and 11. and one thing we have is lots of senior and young people. and we have higher levels of poverty in this district. that our city needs to respond to. something that i am committed to work on and hear from more you on how i can be supportive. thank you. >> rather than listen to me, i will yield my time to you. please go up there now and give us your two minutes, okay. i got these two in front of me. let them finish. go ahead.
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>> my name is robert woods. i have been working in this community since 1972. working with avallo when he was mayor of san francisco. when i worked in the community, i saw the community working and making money. and not on their knees like they are now. and for anybody to be less than human, and you don't recognize that. the community is crippled and they need help. they need help. they don't need no promises, they need help. and i say to you that i didn't just get off the tomato truck today. this is something that we have been dealing with for a long time. and for you to come here and to deny us a chance to speak to
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this group. i am sorry that -- i do not like being ignored. especially when the community need help. and i say to you, whatever this community needs, give it to them. because number one i come out here every day and i teach a ged math class for adu. i ain't making no money. but i tell you what, it's something that i know that the community needs. we got six people who passed the ged test and no one really expected us to have that many people. so i come here every day to put in my time. because i look for the community that need my help. i am an architect by education.
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i spent time in the neighborhood. i director of housing for the city of atlanta empowerment agency. i been around. i been around. so i do not like what i see when i drive down third street. it don't make me feel good. if any of y'all drive third street and feel good? i say this is not the place for you. thank you. >> i want to thank you mayor. you know this is my community. espinola jackson, dr. espinola jackson's community. and when i raise my hand for them to pick up if one wants to have something to say.
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i had my hand in the air first, i don't know how i got behind. i ran behind for the speakers, they don't know the services we have in this building here in this community college. we have second language here, and no one should be ignored. everything was talked about except aids prevalent here in bayview hunter's point. we want to see a change in that and also in education, transportation. we have turk out in this community. our young people cannot go to school unless they are jumped upon. this needs to be stopped. and only you can stop this, and help our young people get an education each across town. someone spoke about the transportation. i want to say this, when that third street rail was built.
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they didn't finish it. they started it. it was supposed to go all the way to city college, but it didn't go there. mr. mayor, i want to say this to you, and i be finished because i can talk to you later ----okay, i will take you with me. i want you to stop using the te term war-time housing, there is no war-time housing in san francisco. they were all torn down in 1954 when the integration law was passed where we blacks can live next door to white folks. the public housing, san francisco redevelopment agency, they became public housing after 1954 for black folks. thank you very much, you need to know, and i want to give you the history of my community. because i have been here 70
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years. thank you. >> all right, first of all those who spoke and sat through this and all the departments and elected officials. i want to thank everyone. it's been an intense night. we got a lot of feedback and a lot of viewpoints. we have to continue working hard. we will be doing our best. and please again feel welcome to give us your input and keep working with us. that's the most important thing of these town hall meetings, we need your input and we will do our best. and keep working with us. thank you very much. good night. smile.
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>> good morning, everyone we've had a wonderful tour of this space this is another great part of our city. what a transcribe this buff space from the efforts of the community to create another wonderful a space for the tenderloin. working with the families and turning this space into a support for our small business community. this this is adams and the lead behind the staff community. (clapping) >> thank you, mayor this is
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been very nice okay. and so the first two people i want to thank is the mayor because he's on the team. can you fix that for me? him and the team have about very helpful from the beginning. one of the reasons we took this ear because of his support. i have another person to thank that is carol. she sold this building because she believed we'd make a difference which we've been starting to. that's impressive. i want to start by saying initially we were a start up
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company. we feel we share similar values with the city of san francisco if it's about openness and small business and that's why we said to make this our first, you location. for technical reasons it doesn't work out this was our third location. we had 7 in new york and we're planning to have 17 locations in austin boston and washington d.c. and seattle. this is a great movement. but this is the city we're focusing on with another lease we're planning to sign and we're going to open 5 building which will bring as many as 25 enterprises into this community
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and help them succeed with a little help from the mayor. why did we which i see central market we have carol and the mayor supporting us but we work not just as a community we work as a plays where we go into a neighborhood and a change the neighborhood. so if you look around you at the small businesses like large companies say this is a small option for them but those people can change a neighborhood. when we talk downstairs and we have investments and idea we change side neighborhood. we have 5 enterprises that can change the neighborhood and the neighborhood can change the city
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and we took a step towards changing the world. thank you and i'd like to call the mayor (clapping) >> well, let me begin by saying this is exciting. i want to thank adam for this wonderful opportunity and thank supervisor kim for someone who's worked in the community to see this trans formation with you to see this is incredibly exciting. it's an honor for people like randy struggled with the challenges and all of us who worked in the nonprofit
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including supervisor jane kim we understand this transformation is crimping open to many levels. i worked on pi want to sweep the street to earn my reputation with them. i wasn't going to say i worked in n some office and dictate to them. i was go going to be proud with them. we spent a lot of time on taylor and others streets we have pride in our streets. we're going to be joining all our partners we didn't know what that was. but leroy and others saying we're going to use art and small businesses and we're going to
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use that spirit of loving the city and we're going to do that we didn't know what that meant but we had a feeling with the theatre and arts leadership and what we wanted to do in our hearts was going to make some change. this was fourteen years. including original jose because that's always brought us back down. that started a little bit of investments then i become city administrator and we were saying with the arts how can we take over those places and work with the residential hotels who oftentimes were receiving people come back into the community from prison. they didn't understand what a living room was streets were
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their living room so how do we turn their lives around and how do we transform grocery stores given the police reports were being influenced by bad behavior. we needed to collaborate with other elements. we got persuaded to take on this opportunity to be the mayor and the campaign office was across the street. but they gave me an opportunity to look across as i was on the phone trying to persuaded people i was often looking across this
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theatre. that's such a beautiful place and strategic place we'd spent so many hours why can't we get that filled i thought maybe is ballet or arts would take it over. then jose took over and i asked can we as a city do something about that. of course, before that time when i had the campaign office there i told everybody i saw everything in this area i heard everything and i smelted everything in this area. i said look if i'm lucky enough to become mayor you i'm going to make positive changes not to
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move people out to transform lives that's what we do we don't move people out. we need to do is invest in people and take our spirit and include them in the transformation of our city. we utilizations to represent together randy and i as tenant lawyers. so we all share this backdrop. so if we're lucky enough to be in positions we'd help. it began with some artwork and taking over theatres and we worked with the arts to give extort to burning man and some
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of the art organized that grants arts to take over with the arts center and the other small efforts but this is big. this is big because it brings together 2 hundred businesses creative businesses half of two-thirds that are never in the city to support job creation to billed from small to medium to large and we get to use all our expertise to run the city. i've been introduced to some of the creative brains and minds. i've got to o some nonprofit for you. they're just very excited to be
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here. we've got the renting war hoeltsdz hotels. market street is transforming and because we have so many great partners and because of those types of hubs that are created for all people all over the world not just the united states people from all over the world b will come here and challenge and work here. we have changes. they employ and i think you're going to be the reason it changes but right now supervisor 44 thousand 2 hundred and 49 employees and it's still growing and i think the office needs to
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change those numbers already arrest as you know i've been focused on jobs because i really believe that people can get those jobs and be part of the economy. and we're going to make sure whether it's big medium or small a they'll survive here and the supervisors will work with me to sustain this. so mr. temple used the word bubble he's always trying to get me on the bubble it will not burst if our hearts lead this economy. if all walks of life and all cultures get to participate. this can welcome in one or two
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people with ideas but can't afford the expensive rent by wants to start with a great idea and this is where it starts. this is why it's so incredible we have those hubs of business support. it's a model i think is going to work with a sharing economy. and the sharing economy is not just for small businesses it means all the other large companies get to use their philanthropy to support the community. that's y what i envision. i think it's just the dna that san francisco has that's why we're beating out so many other
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ci adams vision it's also going back going to be reflected and we'll build stronger community. that's the philosophy. as mid market transforms itself in the ways we're seeing it now that or so supportive and a successful we're going to start moving towards the attained. that's another big challenge. i don't want to see the stories of the down and out they're up lifting and going to be part of this we have folks who live there in the tenderloin so we bring hope to the tenderloin as
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we bring hope to the mid city. we have to connect it all up. that's why we're going to make sure pg&e brings the power here (clapping) >> so mayor lee gave quite an intro. we can point out out that lee work has chosen to make this in the san francisco area and that's quite a testament to her district >> i met the mayor when i was a i did not get organizer in
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chinatown. we use to clean up is neighborhood to promote i did not know people to get involved in their community. so ed used to come with his truck bringing us dustpans and brooms. it's what it means to be grassroots. the first policy that actually, the mayor and i worked on was the mid market and tax tenderloin exclusion. policies are tough and i know we had to work on that. we had a ton of space we have all this san francisco but no businesses coming in. there is a community that's also lived here and i didn't want to
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push folks out folks which who are improving the neighborhood. but the mayor and i made a commitment we would help revitalize this area in partnership with the communities. it's great to have randy shaw here fighting for low income housing and it's wonderful to have joe here. he lives on market street you'll see him walking around. i asked him to come i think it's important to have this in partnership but small businesses are going to do help strengthen this neighborhood. and we have a joe gentleman who
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is opening up a beer bar. they make the best chocolate on jones and you can buy them on sixth street. i moved to this neighborhood i thought it was important to live on sixth street and to be someone who walks up and down here. the part that's really developing and i hope what i want to do and challenge everyone is how we can build this community that remains diverse but that can be a home
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for folks who are tech workers but working class families and those folks in our hotels as well. i'll welcome you all to do our office volunteers for some of the boys and girls clubs. we were tired of us being the highest not safety issues in this neighborhood. they volunteer everyday they said we're going to be on patrol practical we'd love to have you there are. that's actually a lot of fun. it's from to be a part of this
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wonderful neighborhood. so we welcome you to district 6 and mid market and tenderloin. i'm happy to be here. thank you (clapping) so last but not at least we have miguel we worked through an article in an alumni magazine. he's grown a passion for architecture. so let's hear more from him (clapping) >> first, i want to say thank you to supervisor kim he and for coming out. but the best thing for me, i come from a background of entrepreneu
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entrepreneurism. and after thinking about every skwiech of the project. i feel lucky to be here but i'm excited about the brave effort you guys have made to come to the location of transforming that believe and as adam has said to be a part of change. we look forward to a great future this is just hopefully, we'll do more and more of >> so thank you very much (clapping) so with that, i think it's time to cut the rib on and on the count of 3.
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test, test, test, test, test test >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance meeting for friday june 21st. that i'm supervisor mark farrell. i'm joined by other supervisors. i would like to thank the members of sftv who are covering this meeting as well as the clerk. clshg